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The increasing shortage of qualified IT personnel presents the majority of companies with the challenge of recruiting qualified staff for the successful, flexible and competitve development of their projects. Innovative business models and important projects often cannot be implemented promptly. The competitive disadvantage is on the rise.


Our Specialist Recruitment Services facilitate the speedy, professional and appropriate placement of high quality IT experts for the entire spectrum of modern information and communication technology. With over 35,000 consultants, software developers and technicians, we can staff most project requests independently. Specialist Recruitment Services' profile includes


  Project-based Recruitment

     Placing of IT specialists on a project base


  Permanent Recruitment

     Recruiting IT specialists for permanent employment



Our GECO Development Center in Singapore allows us to offer highly qualified consultants and developers at offshore conditions.  In this manner you receive invaluable cost advantages while implementing your challenging IT plans. Additionally, our Offshore consultants allow you to achieve projects that would be difficult to staff due to local shortages. To assure the highest quality of our it specialists we utilize our patented skill & competence screening solution beCertified, which allows us to evaluate both mental and professional competencies of our  IT experts.


Please direct your inquiries to sg-team@geco-group.com

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