Quality Through Integrated Talent & Competence Screening


With the internationally patented solution beCertified we are the leading provider of a comprehensive and innovative software platform, where all applications necessary for a modern company wide Talent & Competence Screening are available.
The spectrum of applications covers all facets of the evaluation process including technical and personal skills in the fields of personnel and training.

Varied use cases

beCertified is completely web based and is successfully implemented in diverse fields:

 Applicant screening & rating

 Potential and aptitude analyses

 Training needs analysis / GAP analysis

 Training supervision and skill management

 Talent identification

 Tests and certifications

 and surveys


Support & advice

Do you have questions regarding Talent & Competence Screening or our software beCertified? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

We supply solutions and our support doesn't end with the implementation of the software. We continue to offer you highly qualified assistance during the creation of competence models and the development of test content.

Create your own tests and surveys

beCertified supports all the traditional diagnostic methods like knowledge, personality and performance diagnostics. Specifications for participants are defined as profile requirements and the necessary test content is provided. All of the diagnostic methods can be used in an assessment.

beCertified profile requirement

The information portal

» www.be-certified.de


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