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The GECO Index® as a Reliable Market Barometer


IT market trends

We analyse trends in various segments and themes of the IT market. The result is the "GECO Index®", an economic indicator of the German IT industry for freelancers, which is carried out and released quarterly. The index compares the individual quarters of the current business year with the corresponding time periods of the two previous years. The year 2009 is the base of the calculations (Base=100). The comparison of the quarters allows conclusions to be drawn about the IT freelance market.


Indicators and benefit

The index is comprised of five values: consultant and technician hourly wage, project length, project index (the proportion of project requests and projects put into effect) and project requests.

The values from the last quarter are considered the actual values. The index is released continuously, retrospectively for the last quarter. Using indicators from the "GECO Index®", for example project requests, we were able to identify new IT focal points at an early stage and could build up resource pools with the required IT experts.

The current GECO Index®

You can find the current "GECO Index®" here as a PDF document (German): GECO Index 2013, 3rd Quarter: "GECO Index, positive Herbst-Tendenz durch steigenden Projektindex"

Archive & Press

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